scripture jewlery


Quite a few people these days are interested in scripture jewelery, bracelets and necklaces decorated with bible verses.
And why shouldn’t they be?

The bible’s words have guided mankind for millennia and offer profound wisdom and life lessons which can illuminate and guide us in making difficult choices even in the bustle of 21st century life. But why settle for a few select bible verses when you can wear the entire, accurate and unvarnished, scriptural source on your necklace or bracelet?

From the land where the Old Hebrew Bible and New Testaments were composed, Israel’s silicon wadi has come up the perfect marriage of ancient tradition and modern technology – the Jerusalem Nano Bible.

What is the Nano Bible?

Essentially it is a silicon chip on which the entire contents of the Old Hebrew Bible (in the original Hebrew) or the New Testament (in the original Greek) are printed in complete accuracy to the original text. Of course, to fit everything in on the chip every letter is only 600 nanometers wide – less than one percent of the thickness of your hair.

With the Jerusalem Nano Bible you get more than a few bible verses and quotations from the good book – you get the entire, unabridged contents, a tangible reminder of the revelations and traditions which have guided Western Civilization for millennia. Wearing the Jerusalem Nano Bible is a symbol of commitment to these truths, and to living a better, more caring and thoughtful life.

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