The jewels of the Holy Scriptures

A lot of people today are interested in jewelry with scriptures on them, bracelets and necklaces decorated with quotes from the Bible

The words of the Bible have been guiding the human race for years and offer wisdom and life lessons that can enlighten and guide us while making difficult decisions, even in life in the 21st century.

But why settle for a few quotes when you can hang the entire Bible around your neck or hand?

From the land where the Torah was received, the Silukon Wadi has become the perfect combination of technology and faith.

What is the Nano Bible?

This is a silicon chip on which the entire Bible is printed in a completely accurate way according to the original text.
Of course, to be able to fit everything on a small chip, the letters are only 600 nanometers wide - less than one percent of the thickness of one human hair.

With the Jerusalem Nano Bible you get more than a few quotes from the Bible - you get the entire Bible, with content not spread out, a constant reminder of the revolution and the tradition that accompanied the Western population throughout the years. Wearing the Jerusalem Nano Bible is a symbol of commitment to tradition, a better, more caring and thoughtful life.