Questions and Answers

Where is the Nano Bible made? The Nano Bible is made in Israel. What books does the Nano Bible contain? The original tiny Bible contains all 24 books of the Bible - from Genesis, Psalms to Chronicles, printed in Hebrew. It is possible read it with a 2000x microscope comes with a certificate of authenticity and an information booklet, made in Israel. What is the size of the Nano Bible? The original tiny Bible is written with nanotechnology [miniature] size 5 mm, in 2015 the Jerusalem Nano Bible was nominated for the title - "The Smallest Bible in the World" in the Guinness Book of Records. What is the surface of the Bible? The text is covered with a protective layer made of 500 mm of china and silicon oxynitride. The letters are printed or engraved in aluminum at a depth of 450 mm. Is the Nano Bible waterproof? The Nano Bible is not destroyed when entering water, but it is recommended not to enter a source of water with the jewelry. How can you read the biblical text engraved on the Nano Bible chip ? Using an electronic microscope, you can see a text from the Bible from the Nano under magnification Chip What is the Jerusalem Nano Bible jewelry made of? The jewelry is made of 925 silver. Comes with a silver chain. Or a classic fabric bracelet and bracelets made of leather and gold-plated pendants. What certificates come with the Jerusalem Nano Bible jewelry? A Nano Bible certificate of authenticity is included with every purchase. The certificate guarantees the originality of the products and documents the great care taken in the production of the Bible and the importance of preserving it. Returns A product can be exchanged within 14 days from the date of delivery of the jewelry. All returned or exchanged products must be packed in the original packaging and unused. Warranty A one-year warranty is provided for each The jewelry from Jerusalem Nano Bible