Jerusalem Nano Bible - all you need to know about one piece of jewelry

Jerusalem Nano Bible
The 24 books of the Bible from Genesis through Psalms to Chronicles - the only one produced in Israel

Jerusalem Nano Bible Jerusalem Nano Bible - a Bible the size of a notebook slot. The entire Bible, from Genesis to Chronicles, is printed in ancient Hebrew and attached to jewelry and gifts, so that everyone can carry the Bible close to their heart. Company C Roslam Nano Bible Ltd. was founded in 2014 by Ami Bentov, a video journalist. As part of his position, Ami covered many wars, and precisely in these places - he found people who cling to faith in God with all their might. During a work visit to the Technion, the scientists presented him with the Nano Bible, a Bible written with nanotechnology the size of a grain of rice that President Shimon Peres takes as a gift to the Pope. There in the Technion laboratories he decided that he must take this miracle out of the laboratory for all the believing people in the world. Ami will establish contact with the Tel Aviv University Nanotechnology Department and with the Tavar Jazz Company, one of the giants of nanotechnology in Israel, and together they developed the "Jerusalem Nano Bible". A tiny Bible book measuring 5 mm x 5 mm that anyone can carry. The goal of the Jerusalem Nano Bible is to allow every believer to carry the Bible with all the amazing blessings and prayers for love, good livelihood and complete health.

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