The Israeli company Jerusalem Nano Bible created a Bible that was cataloged as the smallest in the world. Las escrituras gradas están volcadas en un nanochip de 4,76 por 4,76 milímetros. The newspaper 'The Jerusalem Post' informed that the nanochip contains the original version of the New Testament in Greek, where the width of each letter is 0.18 micrometers. "Nuestro objetivo es la producción en massa y que nuestro producto esté en cada bolsillo In addition, our nano Bible, the smallest in the world, can be used in many ways in the jewelry industry," explained the head of the company's sales department, David Almog, to the Jerusalem Post. The current invention has been nominated for the Guinness World Records award. In addition, the company will manufacture pendants and other ornaments that contain the chip with the sacred text. Another initiative is to insert the tiny chip in watches so that the faithful have the possibility of always carrying the Bible with them, even if they can only read it with a microscope. The creators of the nano Bible assure that in six weeks thousands of believers will be able to buy the chip that contains the 27 books of the New Testament. Read the original article: Los Andes