On this Tuesday, 09/12, the company "Jerusalem Nano Bible" divulged that its edition (in nano size) of the New Testament entered the Guinness Book of Records, as the "Minor Bible of the World" . A company informed that they developed a quadrado chip, com tamanho abaixo de 5 milímetros, containing an original version of the Novo Testament, in Greek. The small chip of 4.76 millimeters on each side can be used in watches or even pendants, presenting "great versatility" in the jewelry industry, according to the newspaper "Jerusalem Post". The content of the chip was conferred by a specialist, who confirmed that the 27 books were, in fact, contained in no dispositivo. According to the director of Marketing of the company, the idea is to further develop the versatility and portability of the Bible. "Our goal is to be able to produce it in mass and attend to all the pockets really," said David Almog, director of marketing and sales department of the company. "Como esse applique, a menor Bíblia do mundo, Jerusalém Nano Bíblia, pode ser aplicada a finitas possibilites na jóias industria". The company also plans to develop a similar format for the Old Testament. Read the original article: CPAD News