What is Nano Bible?

The "Jerusalem Nano Bible" created a tiny Bible book measuring 5 mm x 5 mm, which anyone can carry. The goal of the "Jerusalem Nano Bible" is to allow every believer to carry the Bible with every The amazing blessings and prayers for love, good livelihood and health

What is written in our Bible?

All the prayers and salvation blessings of the Holy Bible from "Genesis" through "Psalms" to "Deuteronomy of Chronicles". All 24 holy books

Where can you read the scriptures?

You are invited by appointment to come to our studio and look at the special microscope

Where are Nano Bibles made?

. The Jerusalem company Nano Bible is proud to produce the Nano Bible in Israel Israeli engineers and technicians developed the Nano Bible that will be sold to everyone

Other companies copied the idea of ​​the nano Bible, but none of them produce the tiny Bible in Israel

Does Tel Aviv University produce Nano Bibles?

The university does not produce Nano Bibles for companies in general. We contacted them to find out if they produce or have developed for a private company

The university's legal advisor replied in writing that they did not develop and do not produce a Nano Bible for any company