“Ana B’Koach” prayer necklace

A new and first of its kind jewelry from Jerusalem Nano Babybel every “Ana Becoah” prayer on Chip Nano 5 mm.


A new and first-of-its-kind piece of jewelry from the Jerusalem Nano Bible, the whole “Ana B’Koach” (“With Thy Strength”) prayer on a 5 mm nano Gold chip.

Strengthening and Grace for the Days of Questions and Answers: the “Ana B’Koach” prayer combined with the letter combinations representing one of God’s holy names (Mem Bet Otiyot)

According to the Secret, the combinations within the “Ana B’Koach” prayer have tremendous power which is well-known in all streams of Judaism, an exciting “Piyyut” (holy song prayer) of protective power and blessing.

First time on a 5 mm Gold chip in rare technology.
Made in Israel



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